Now, PiSltoh will show you his newly learned dance.



You can download and print the PDF Cartoon Mask for your PiSloth.


In addition to having PiSloth play sound effects and speak, it can also play set background music, and the volume of the background music can be adjusted (0%-100%).


Repeat block can help you execute the same code multiple times to reduce code size.




  • You can write the program according to the following picture, please refer to the tutorial: How to Create a New Project?

  • Or find the code with the same name on the Examples page of the EzBlock Studio and click Run or Edit directly.

The whole dance is divided into 2 parts, and PiSloth will finish these 2 parts with the music. If you don’t pause the code, it will repeat the dance.

../_images/dance6.png ../_images/dance7.png ../_images/dance8.png