SunFounder PiPower ModuleΒΆ

PiPower is a power supply module for Raspberry Pi with recharging function. It can output 5V/3A power supply to meet various Raspberry Pi usage situation. It has 4 power indicators; each indicator represents 25% of the power, and is equipped with a power switch to turn on/off the power of the Raspberry Pi without plugging or unplugging the power cord.

When the battery power is low, you can insert a 5V/2A Micro USB cable to charge the batteries, and the charging indicator will light up and turn off when fully charged. You need to use two 18650 flat top rechargeable batteries. The larger the battery capacity, the longer you use. You can choose according to your needs.


When you put the battery in for the first time or when the battery is unplugged and put in again, the battery will not work properly, at this time, you need to plug the Type C cable into the charging port to turn off the protection circuit, and the battery can be used normally.