About Robot HAT

Left/Right Motor Port
  • 2-channel XH2.54 motor ports.

  • The left port is connected to GPIO 4 and the right port is connected to GPIO 5.

I2C Pin
  • 2-channel I2C pins from Raspberry Pi.

  • 12-channel PWM pins, P0-P12.

  • 4-channel ADC pins, A0-A3.

Digital Pin
  • 4-channel digital pins, D0-D3.

Battery Indicator
  • Two LEDs light up when the voltage is higher than 7.8V.

  • One LED lights up in the 6.7V to 7.8V range.

  • Below 6.7V, both LEDs turn off.

  • Set by your program. (Outputting 1 turns the LED on; Outputting 0 turns it off.)

RST Button
  • Short pressing RST Button causes program resetting.

  • Long press RST Button till the LED lights up then release, and you will disconnect the Bluetooth.

USR Button
  • The functions of USR Button can be set by your programming. (Pressing down leads to a input “0”; releasing produces a input “1”. )

Power Switch
  • Turn on/off the power of the robot HAT.

  • When you connect power to the power port, the Raspberry Pi will boot up. However, you will need to switch the power switch to ON to enable Robot HAT.

Power Port
  • 7-12V PH2.0 2pin power input.

  • Powering the Raspberry Pi and Robot HAT at the same time.


You can see more details in the Robot HAT Documentation.