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We offer two versions of PiCar-X. It’s crucial to note that the scripts in each version’s online tutorial are not interchangeable.

To ensure the proper setup, you’ll need to identify your version using the short link provided in your instruction sheet:

  • If the link is “picar-x.rtfd.io”, continue with this tutorial.

  • If the link displays “picar-x-v20.rtfd.io”, kindly follow the tutorial at PiCar-X v2.0.


The PiCar-X is an AI-driven self-driving robot car for the Raspberry Pi platform, upon which the Raspberry Pi acts as the control center. The PiCar-X’s 2-axis camera module, ultrasonic module, and line tracking modules can provide the functions of color/face/traffic-signs detection, automatic obstacle avoidance, automatic line tracking, etc.

PiCar-X has two programming languages: Blockly and Python. No matter what language you program in, you’ll find detailed steps to teach you everything from configuring the Raspberry Pi to running the relevant example code.

  • Play with Python

    • This chapter is for those who enjoy programming in Python or want to learn the Python language.

    • To get Picar-X working properly, you must install some libraries first.

    • The Raspberry Pi configuration and samples code for the PiCar-X are provided in this chapter.

    • An APP - SunFounder Controller is also provided to allow you to remotely control the PiCar-X on your mobile device.

  • Play with Ezblock

    • In this section, you will use a Blockly based APP, Ezblock Studio, which, like Scratch, allows you to drag and drop blocks to make Picar-X move.

    • It is required to reinstall the SD card with the operating system we provide with pre-installed Ezblock environment before programming. It is recommended to use a new or unused TF card for this section.

    • Ezblock Studio is available for nearly all types of devices, including Macs, PCs, and Androids.

    • Ezblock Studio is a good choice if you are 6-12 years old, or don’t have programming skills, or want to test Picar-X quickly.