Welcome to PiCar-X’s Documentation!

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The PiCar-X is an AI-driven self-driving robot car for the Raspberry Pi platform, upon which the Raspberry Pi acts as the control center. The PiCar-X’s 2-axis camera module, ultrasonic module, and line tracking modules can provide the functions of color/face/traffic-signs detection, automatic obstacle avoidance, automatic line tracking, etc.

Included in this tutorial are a component list, an assembly diagram, an introduction to SunFounders Robot HAT, and programming tutorials for the PiCar-X in both Blockly-based and Python languages.

The programming sections are divided into two chapters: Play with Ezblock and Play with Python. Each programming chapter allows users to get started by making the PiCar-X perform basic movements, and proceed up to designing multiplayer games and beyond!

Ezblock Studio is a software development platform created by SunFounder for helping beginners and novices get started with programming on a Raspberry Pi platform. Ezbock Studio has two programming language environments: a Graphical User Interface environment, and a command-line Python environment.

Ezblock is available for nearly all types of devices, including Mac, PC, and Android. Ezblock has recently been upgraded to version 3.0, which uses WebSocket to provide Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support.

For users who only want to learn programming in Python 3.0, also included is an introduction to the fundamentals of the Raspberry Pi Operating System, and tutorials that provide basic Python programming skills.