Servo Adjust

To ensure that the servo has been properly set to 0°, first insert the rocker arm into the servo shaft and then gently rotate the rocker arm to a different angle.


Follow the instructions on the assembly foldout, insert the battery holder cable and turn the power switch to the ON. Wait for 1-2 minutes, there will be a sound to indicate that the Raspberry Pi boots successfully.


Now, run in the examples/ folder.

cd /home/pi/picrawler/examples
sudo python3

Next, plug the servo cable into the P11 port as follows.


At this point you will see the servo arm rotate to a specific position (0°). If the servo arm does not return to 0°, press the RST button to restart the Robot HAT.

Now you can continue the installation as instructed on the assembly foldout.


  • Do not unplug this servo cable before fixing it with the servo screw, you can unplug it after fixing it.

  • Do not rotate the servo while it is powered on to avoid damage; if the servo shaft is not inserted at the right angle, pull the servo out and reinsert it.

  • Before assembling each servo, you need to plug the servo cable into P11 and turn on the power to set its angle to 0°.