Connect the product and EzBlock Studio(3.0)ΒΆ

  1. Open the Ezblock Studio, a window with an empty device list will pop-up. You need to power on your product and turn on the Bluetooth of your mobile device at the same time, then the product number will appear.

  2. Click Done in the upper right corner, and after a while, Connection Successful will appear.

  3. At this point you need to click OK to quickly configure your product.

  4. Enter your Wi-Fi account and password.


    If you have already configured Wi-Fi on the Raspberry Pi Imager, then this step will not appear and you will go directly to the next step.

  5. Select the product that matches yours.

  6. Enter a name for your product.

  7. If your product needs to be calibrated, there will be a prompt telling you that you can enter the calibration page by clicking Calibrate Now. If it is not needed, the pop-up window disappears and returns to the home page.

  8. The calibration page of each product is different, but there is a reminder which part needs to be calibrated. You can click the corresponding part, and then refer to the Calibration Help to calibrate. After the calibration is completed, click Comfirm.