class Pin - control I/O pins


from ezblock import Pin

pin = Pin("D0")                      # create an Pin object from a pin
val = pin.value()                    # read an analog value


class ezblock.Pin(value) A pin is the basic object to control I/O pins. It has methods to set the mode of the pin (input, output, etc) and methods to get and set the digital logic level.


  • value - Read the value on the analog pin and return it. The returned value will be between 0 and 4095.


Availble pins

  • "D0"

  • "D1"

  • "D2"

  • "D3"

  • "D4"

  • "D5"

  • "D6"

  • "D7"

  • "D8"

  • "D9"

  • "SW"

  • "LED"