2.14 GAME - Inflating the Balloon

Here, we will play a game of ballooning.

After clicking the green flag, the balloon will become bigger and bigger. If the balloon is too big, it will be blown up; if the balloon is too small, it will fall down; you need to judge when to press the button to make it fly upwards.


You Will Learn

  • Paint costume for the sprite

Required Components

In this project, we need the following components.

It’s definitely convenient to buy a whole kit, here’s the link:




3 in 1 Starter Kit


3 in 1 Starter Kit

You can also buy them separately from the links below.



SunFounder R3 Board




Jumper Wires








Build the Circuit

The button is a 4-pin device, since the pin 1 is connected to pin 2, and pin 3 to pin 4, when the button is pressed, the 4 pins are connected, thus closing the circuit.


Build the circuit according to the following diagram.

  • Connect one of the pins on the left side of the button to pin 12, which is connected to a pull-down resistor and a 0.1uF (104) capacitor (to eliminate jitter and output a stable level when the button is working).

  • Connect the other end of the resistor and capacitor to GND, and one of the pins on the right side of the button to 5V.



1. Add a sprite and a backdrop

Delete the default sprite, click the Choose a Sprite button in the lower right corner of the sprite area, then select the Balloon1 sprite.


Add a Boardwalk backdrop via the Choose a backdrop button, or other backbackdrops you like.


2. Paint a costume for the Balloon1 sprite

Now let’s draw an exploding effect costume for the balloon sprite.

Go to the Costumes page for the Balloon1 sprite, click the Choose a Costume button in the bottom left corner, and select Paint to bring up a blank Costume.


Select a color and then use the Brush tool to draw a pattern.


Select a color again, click the Fill tool, and move the mouse inside the pattern to fill it with a color.


Finally, write the text BOOM, so that an explosion effect costume is complete.


3. Scripting the Balloon sprite

Set the initial position and size of the Balloon1 sprite.


Then let the Balloon sprite slowly get bigger.


When the button is pressed (value is 1), the size of the Balloon1 sprite stops getting bigger.

  • When the size is less than 90, it will fall (y coordinate decreases).

  • When the size is bigger than 90 and smaller than 120, it will fly to the sky (y coordinate increases).


If the button has not been pressed, the balloon slowly gets bigger and when the size is bigger than 120, it will explode (switch to the explode effect costume).