SunFounder 3 in 1 IoT/Smart Car/Learning Kit


This is a learning kit that allows you to learn Arduino language programming in knowledge points.

This is also a smart car kit that allows you to build a fully functional smart car with the simplest structure and components.

Also, this is an IoT learning kit that gives you the ability to easily communicate with the famous IoT platform, Blynk, by configuring the Arduino board with the ESP8266 module.

It should be said that this is a 3-in-1 kit that integrates the basic learning kit, smart cart and IoT into one kit, allowing you to learn these 3 different types of projects at once. The corresponding knowledge points, operation instructions, wiring schematics, etc. of each project type are provided so you can learn step by step until you actually start making things.

Besides Arduino programming language (C++), we also provide more than 30 interesting Scratch projects so that you can learn while playing.

So let’s start exploring this fun kit now. Please check out the code at SunFounder 3 in 1 Kit for Arduino - GitHub

If you want to learn another projects which we don’t have, please feel free to send Email and we will update to our online tutorials as soon as possible, any suggestions are welcomed.

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